Residential Pool Company Serving Lincoln County, St. Charles County, St. Louis County and the Surrounding Areas

We have been the go-to pool company for hundreds of homeowners like yourself for the last 12 years.  People always have in mind the fun and relaxation they will get from having a pool, but often don’t understand the amount of maintenance that is required to keep the pool in swimming condition.  At Woody’s, we alleviate the stress, from repairs, renovations, maintenance and weekly cleanings.  Our pool technicians and cleaners are highly skilled and friendly people who focus on making sure you never have to worry again about the condition of your pool.  We serve residents in the Lincoln County, St. Charles County, St. Louis County, and the surrounding areas.   

looking for a qualified and trustworthy pool company?

Our mission is to ensure your pool is always swim ready while taking as much responsibility off your hands as possible.  We have customers who trust us to come by and clean their pool twice a week and others who only call us when they have an issue or questions.  Scott Wood, owner, is always happy to help however works best for you. 

pool openings

Spring brings back the green vegetation and the chance to enjoy your pool again for the year.  We recommend opening your pool right around when the daily temperatures hit about 70 degrees or above.  Opening your pool too late may cause the water chemistry to be off which will make your pool water dirty.   

Our pool openings include:

  • Remove cover
  • Prep pool lines and remove plugs
  • Examine pool for any visible damage
  • Balance pool water chemistry
  • 30 minute vacuum
  • Reinstall ladders
  • Clean and store cover (optional added service) 

pool closings

Missouri can have some really cold winters.  That is why it is very important to make sure your pool is winterized to survive the elements.  Pools that are closed improperly can cause underground pipes to burst which can result in thousands of dollars in repairs.  You can feel at ease knowing we will come make sure your pool is winterized properly. 

Our pool closings include:

  • Remove all debris from the pool
  • Vacuum
  • Readjust the water level
  • Test water and add chemicals for the winter
  • Drain equipment
  • Remove ladders
  • Blow underground lines
  • Clean filter
  • Inspect and install a winter cover

Weekly and biweekly cleanings

It takes time and energy to keep your pool in swimming shape during the summers.  The sun, chemicals, debris and regular use can turn your pool from a crystal clear to a murky green.  We understand life can get overwhelming and time can be short.  That is why we offer weekly and biweekly cleanings for our clients.  Take a load off and let us take care of your pool for you. 

Our routine cleanings include:

  • Pool skim
  • Vacuum
  • Chemical balance
  • Skimmer and pump basket debris removal
  • General health assessment of pool  

pump system repair and replace

Is your pump making loud noises, leaking or no longer moving water like it used to?  It may be time to ask us to come troubleshoot it.   Keeping the water moving in your pool is incredibly important to keep your pool clean.  Woody’s Pool and Spa is a certified warranty station for all the major manufacturers, too.  If your pump is relatively new, we can fix or replace it underneath the manufacturer warranty.  

Heaters and heat pumps

Having a gas water heater or an electric heat pump can extend the swim season for you and your family.  We specialize in installing and maintaining these systems for your pool.  Gas heaters are less expensive and use natural gas to heat your pool.  Heat pumps are more expensive but will save your money in the long-haul on the operations cost of running it.  Contact us today if you have heater issues or want to inquire about installing one for your pool so you can comfortably swim all the way to November.  And yes, we are a warranty station for the major manufacturers.  

pool filters repair and replace

There are a few different pool filter options people choose from.  Your pool either has a cartridge filter, sand filter, or D.E. filter that helps keep your pool clean.  Each filter has a different way to clean in order to maximize performance and lengthen lifespan.  Woody’s Pool and Spa has a long history troubleshooting, repairing and replacing filters for residential pools.  

pool control systems

Installing a pool control system is the ultimate way to make sure your pool is automated to operate exactly how you like it to when you want it to.  This takes a lot of the workload off your plate and gives you more time to enjoy your pool.  Some of automation can include sanitation, balancing pH balance, cleaning, filtration, and saves you money.  

salt systems

Saltwater systems are the best way to manage your chlorine levels.  Thankfully, it doesn’t taste like an ocean either.  Saltwater pools use a cell that is engineered to take take the salt passing through it and generating chlorine from it.  Plus, it makes the water a lot softer when you’re in the pool and salt is cheaper than buying chlorine.  We troubleshoot and install these systems every year and all our clients love how easy they are to use.  Let us know if you are looking into one and we will help you get the one that is best for your pool.